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    Gaining traffic or attention through social media sites.

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Social media marketing is hard to avoid in any type of business in today's highly competitive climate, whether that be in online channels or not. If its not part of your overall marketing plan, then you should seriously reconsider your decision!

Social media itself is a catch-all term for sites that may provide radically different social actions. For instance, Instagram is a social site designed to let people share predominately pictures/photos or share limited existence short video/photo 'stories' with one another. Facebook, in contrast is a full-blown social networking site that allows for sharing updates, photos, video material, joining events and a plethora of other activities.

Gone are the days when conventional advertising would cut it. The majority of people now spend an awful lot of time on their mobile devices, glued to their social media accounts. So, that’s where a business should spend a good percentage of its advertising budget, especially if their business field is very competitive.

Social Media Marketing is a constantly evolving discipline that requires an experienced, expert social media marketer to deliver results that last – long lasting brand awareness and loyalty.

The keyword is ENGAGEMENT

Social media post content is where numerous of businesses get the art of Social media marketing horribly wrong. Yes, customers want to know about your latest product or service, but not constantly - "No Hard Sell Tactics Please!". It should instead be thought of as somewhere to engage and communicate with fans/loyal customers of your brand - sharing content that can be either informative, fun, educational... not just sales orientated... after all the clue is in its name... SOCIAL.

Here at Viking Internet, we have an expert social media marketing team on hand. Whether you’re looking for a professional to take care of your facebook business page or merely want to get a single campaign off the ground, we can help.

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Our social media marketing services are available for all companies – from local North Lincolnshire businesses to large firms with national reach. In addition, we are happy to provide you with services to meet your needs.

If you’re new to the game and are launching a start-up, we can assist you with setting up social media accounts, maximising the impact of your information pages and developing effective campaigns. If you are running an established business, but feel as though your social media presence isn’t having much of an impact, we can give you tips for attracting attention and increasing engagement.


Social media is an incredibly busy and noisy place. As a business owner, the challenge is to make your social media marketing stand out. With years of experience behind us, we have excellent knowledge and tips that can make significant changes to your business presence. We can help you create content – from videos and photos to snappy quotations and articles – that visitors love and, most importantly, share. After all, every time a visitor shares one of your posts, your brand is coming into contact with hundreds or thousands of potentially new clients, some of which may never have seen or heard of your brand or products previously. This is where the true value of social media marketing lies.


Once your social media marketing has demanded some attention, it should play a role in turning visitors into clients. We can show you how to create content and campaigns that engage users. This means getting them interested and inspiring them to take action. That might mean sharing contact details, signing up to a newsletter or buying a product or service. There are many ways to do this and we are here to guide and share our experiences on how to be successful in your market.

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Introducing your company to social media content creation and tools

Once we're happy that we have successfully got the launch of your social marketing campaign off the ground, its going to be equally important that you are equipped with the knowledge to successfully manage it on your own on a daily basis. Don’t worry, we won’t just leave you to it! We will provide full social media training and guidance, plus we will be available for help should you need it until you feel comfortable taking the reins fully.

Our social media team have extensive knowledge of all the major social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and how to employ specific tactics and differing content strategies to each of them - although they wouldn't admit to it, some of them have been using social media platforms since you had to use html tags to post on them... ssshhh! 😂 , so you'll certainly be in good hands here at Viking Internet.

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Social media optimisation allows you to create and enhance your social media plan so that you are able to get measurable results. Having a solid social media plan is important if you want to build a relationship with your target audience.

Social media optimisation can benefit your business in more than one way. It can increase your visibility and make a crucial impact on search engine optimisation factors also. Traffic generated on social media platforms is usually produced by your targeted audience i.e. the people who follow and interact with your social profiles are your brand advocates. By driving this traffic to pages on your website, your website's SEO will also be boosted. Not just that, it can also help you generate more leads and improve your sales figures.

Optimising your social media makes it easy for others to trust you and the products/services you have on offer. Because your goal as a business is not just to get mentioned on social media, but also to gain recommendations or referrals by others via other means too, getting social media right is an essential business marketing task.

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