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    Creating strong brand identities through informed design and compelling messaging

Brand Identity


Your business branding is the foundation of all your marketing activity. From your instantly recognisable Logo, to the tone of voice used on your social media channels, and the colours and fonts used in your sales catalogue, your brand encompasses it all. So, it’s probably the most vital thing to get right.

Investing in your brand will not only benefit your marketing campaigns, but will also help make your business memorable for all the right reasons, which in turn supports your brand following and recruitment activities, competitive advantage, and ultimately, sales generation.

Viking Internet's design team has a great deal of experience in creating engaging brand identities through informed design and compelling messaging. We offer services aimed both at start-up companies requiring help in the creation of a brand identity and marketing collaterals, as well as established organisations looking to re-brand, review their positioning, tone-of-voice and messaging.

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Logo Design

More Than Just A Name

Designing a new brand identity is a highly creative and involved process made up of a number of key stages.

It is a process which requires relevant and up-to-date commercial intelligence, client input and designer instinct in order to create a brand which will both reflect its true essence and emotionally connect with its target audience.

Take our work with Blood Sweat & Muscle as an example. As one of Scunthorpe's longest established gyms we needed to create a brand identity which upheld its long standing appeal to both sexes, give it a new modern look, but also get across the message the gym was based around body transformations as opposed to the traditional hardcore bodybulding gym others opt for.



Corporate brand guidelines are vital for keeping the deployment of a brand both consistent and professional.

Also known as a brand style guide, it provides a set of rules and guidance notes that help ensure your brand appears and is used in the way that it was intended.

It helps ensure your brand is displayed in a consistent way both internally and by third parties. From the exact colour palette employed in the logo, to the font used in your strapline or the tone-of-voice applied in any communications, a brand manual is an essential document. Critically it guarantees none of the strategic advantages or integrity of the original design is lost, wherever and however the brand is used.

Key areas a brand guidelines document will typically cover include:

  • versions
  • colour palette
  • usage
  • assets
  • messaging
  • tone-of-voice

By its very nature, your brand style guide will need to be regularly updated as the brand is rolled out and evolves over time.

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Stationery Design

simple yet clearly identifiable stationery design

Viking Internet understand what makes a successful brand, its core components, understanding the way people think, which allows us to create measurable, effective brand stories to drive positive customer experiences.

A good set of stationery needs to transmit the personality of your business, what it stands for and what it can offer your prospective customers. It must also make a lasting and memorable impression in your audience straight away, as it is often one of the first points of contact between your business and your audience.

By working closely with you, our creative team develops an understanding of your business needs and challenges to deliver a brand design solution that brings your story to life.

Whether you’re sticking a giant banner on the side of a tall building or looking for business cards and flyers to hand out at a networking event, Viking Internet can offer quality designs at a price suitable for you.

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first impressions count

Beautifully focused, brilliantly executed. Our output as a full stack digital marketing agency is the result of a collaborative process that brings us closer to you and your business.

Not only do we offer a brand identity service, but we can also assist you with the identity of your products and / or services; carefully blending your product's identity with that of your corporate branding, further strengthening your brand's instantly recognisable identity, not just from your logo but your products also. We can even assist you with the name selection of products should this be a service you require.

For example, the work we have carried out on behalf of Pretorian Technologies, on their product range over the years; producing decal designs with strict dimensions via mechanical drawings we were provided, has allowed many of their products to become instantly recognisable as a 'Pretorian Product' within their industry.

Product Design Services

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